One Month Later – Exchange in Vienna

It has been a month now since I have left Pittsburgh and living in Europe. The semester technically starts this week and I have been taken German and culture classes up until this point. I have already been to an incredible amount of cities including Bratislava, Prague, Graz, Melk, and I still hope to go to Budapest and London among other cities. Europe has been a completely new learning experience from being in a different country speaking a completely different language. I have made friends from The Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, and many more places. Getting the outsider’s perspective of the US is just as interesting as it is humbling. The pop cultural aspects of the US seem to be present in almost any city I go to. As someone told me before I left, pop culture is the US’s biggest export. I am living about 15 minutes outside of the center city area, and I live in a wonderful neighborhood. I actually really excited to start my classes to see how European education system differs from the US and see what is better and what is worst. I miss home definitely but this trip has been absolutely spectacular. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.