Getting Rained On

It hasn’t been too long since I last checked in, but I’ve done quite a bit since then. My biggest reason for writing tonight is to share a very unique experience I had this past Wednesday night. As part of my courses here, I’m taking a Shakespeare class. How could I not? As part of that course, we get to go see three performances of Shakespeare plays. Last Wednesday, we went to the Globe Theater to see a production of King Lear. In case you don’t know, the Globe is an attempt to recreate what Shakespeare’s theater from Elizabethan times would have looked like, and since they didn’t exactly have electricity back then, the theater didn’t have a roof. While the new Globe has electric lights, it also lacks a roof. (You can probably guess where this is going.) In class that day, we were informed by our professor that umbrellas weren’t allowed, but not to worry because he’d never gotten too wet at the Globe. I thought back to those words a few times during the 3 hour production, during which there was a near constant downpour of rain. Despite the fact that I was soaked through, I am glad that we got to experience it. I can’t say that I’ve ever been rained on while seeing a play before. Even better was that there is a scene in King Lear where some of the characters are caught outside in a storm. The rain definitely helped with my immersion, and gave the most tragic scenes that much more impact. It was definitely one of the mot memorable experiences I’ve had in London so far.

In addition to the Globe, I’ve also visited two of the Palaces in the city, Buckingham and Kensington. While I could not take pictures, Buckingham Palace was beautiful. A personal favorite of mine was the ball room, which held the largest organ I have ever seen. Another thing that struck me while visiting Buckingham was how small the throne room was. I’m not sure why, but I thought it would be larger and grander. I did not get to go inside of Kensington Palace, but I did get to walk around the park and the gardens and even in fall they were incredible. I forgot that I was in a city. There was also a large pond filled with geese, ducks, and swans. I wish that my housing was closer, because the whole area around the palace was so relaxing. I would go back there to study for my finals, but it’s probably going to be a bit chillier in December.