St. Andrews and Dublin

It’s been awhile since my last blog and I have a lot to catch everybody up on. During this time, I’ve taken trips outside England for the first time to St. Andrews, Scotland, and Dublin. Also, I’ve been to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater twice and walked across Abbey Roads, made iconic by the Beatles.

First, let me catch you up on how my internship is going. For a little bit, my internship was getting boring at times because I was being given small tasks, most of which was data entry. However, this past week I was creating a pamphlet outlining the best ways to close leads for one of the portfolio companies. I really enjoyed this because I was given complete control over how to format and my supervisor would help steer me in the right direction. I’m hoping I’ll have more tasks like this as the internship continues.

My classes have also been keeping me busy as the work starts to pile up a bit. For my British Popular Culture class, we recently went to Abbey Roads Studio and got the opportunity to recreate the iconic Beatles album cover. I really enjoy this class, the professor is very passionate about the subject matter and it gives me a great idea of what London would have been like in different eras.

Two weeks ago, I took my first trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater to see King Lear. If you are unaware, the Globe is created in a way that is most accurate to how it would have looked when Shakespeare was alive, Therefore there is no roof and most people have to stand for the entire show. Normally I wouldn’t mind standing for the show, however, this day just happened to be the day we got the heaviest rain since I’ve been in London. Now the play was very well performed, but the fact that I had to stand 3 hours in the pouring rain made my first trip to the Globe one to forget. Luckily, today I got to go to a matinee at the Globe for the performance of Much Ado about Nothing. The ply was really fun as they put a twist on it by making it set in Mexico. My second trip to the Globe was very enjoyable!

Now to the reason why I’ve been slacking on keeping up with my blog, my trips. The weekend of September 29th I took a 6 and a half hour train ride up to St. Andrews, Scotland by myself. I was super excited about this trip because it was towards the top of my bucket list. Obviously, I was expecting it to be all golf all the time, however, I was soon amazed that this wasn’t necessarily the case. I arrived Friday night around 1030 and I soon realized that I was in the middle of nowhere Scotland. I took a quick bus ride into St. Andrews and checked into my hostile before checking out the main street for a bit. I was saving the excitement of the Old Course for when I could completely enjoy it. The next morning I walked towards St. Andrews Cathedral, which is a ruined cathedral right along the coast of the North Sea. This is when I soon found out that St. Andrews was more than just golf. It might have helped that it was probably the nicest day St. Andrews has seen in October in years, but the views were breathtaking. I enjoyed the sights as I walked down the coast and boom I was all of a sudden staring at the Old Course. All I could do was stand there and stare as I was mesmerized by actually being at the home of golf. I was able to make a putt on the Himalayas green and take a tour of 1, 17, an 18 where I got my picture on Swiliken Bridge. I was a very happy camper. Sunday the weather changed a bit and it was raining and windy. I walked the Old Course from the 1st tea to the 18th green and got an idea of how you’d have to play the course. Afterwards, I went into the gift shop and got myself a souvenir, where the cashier told me I should be glad the rain wasn’t coming in sideways today (it was). After a delayed train I finally arrived back in London at 230 in the morning tired and missing the beauty of St. Andrews.


This past weekend, I made the flight to Dublin with six of my friends. I soon found out that traveling with that big of a group is not a good idea and especially with a group with such different personalities. However, Dublin is a beautiful city and very fun. I was able to enjoy traditional Irish pub music which was super exciting. Also, Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral were breathtaking. The Long Room at Imperial College was very impressive as it was filled floor to ceiling with original works from various authors, unfortunately, the Book of Kells wasn’t on display.

I hope now you can feel that you experienced some of these experiences with me. I will be in London the next two weekends before my fall break, a trip across Italy! Cheers.