GBI – Business Case



For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a project to automate one part of our supply chain in order to reduce costs and increase productivity.  Working on this has been lots of fun, as this is something I have learned about in almost all of my supply chain management classes so far- how to reduce costs and make the supply chain more efficient. Basically, in our production line, we have a worker that folds all of our paper bags with our meal kits inside of them and puts a sticker on them to keep the bag closed. Working with the operations coordinator, we decided that we could automate this process by having a machine that closes the bags and carries them on a conveyor belt.  My job was to contact suppliers, get quotes and data about different automatic sewing machines, and create a business case that proves this automation would save the company money and have a return on investment. From doing this project, I have learned how important supplier relationship management is, and how essential it is to constantly look at ways to reduce costs.  Our project could save the company close to $50,000/year.


On the other hand, exploring Sydney and its surrounding areas continues to amaze me.  Recently, we went to Royal National Park and did a long twelve-mile round trip hike. My three friends and I took the train to the park, and did the hike, had lunch on the beach, and returned. Walking through this National Park was amazing.  It was like walking through a rainforest, and our final destination was the beautiful ocean right in front of the mountains.