Working in Sydney

Thus far my internship experience here in Sydney has been very rewarding. Currently I am working for start up company named Disrupt Sports. Founded in Bondi Beach just a few years ago, the company has grown significantly since then under the leadership of founder and CEO Gary Elphick. Gary was even fortunate enough to land a spot on Shark Tank Australia where he fielded several offers that he ultimately turned down. In my role as an operations intern I am tasked with lots of different assignments and projects, meaning no two days are the same. Whether it be product sourcing or working to expand the company in the U.S market I have found it to be both educational and informational.

Some of the most important things I’ve learned/gained through this internship are cultural competencies, time management, and communication skills. Often I am working and interacting with coworkers or suppliers that are halfway around the world. The time difference creates a lot of difficulties but I have learned how to best effectively handle that. I feel as if I will be able to take this experience and apply it elsewhere in the supply chain field.

What I like most about working in Sydney is the idea of working to live as opposed to living to work like it is in the U.S. The laid back company culture is certainly a reflection of the surfing culture on which it is based. Despite a laid back culture they all have an exceptional work ethic and really care about growing the business. Although there isn’t a language barrier sometimes the slang makes it hard to understand them. For example they will often combine several slang words together making it seem like another language. Two of my favourites are “Macca’s” and “this arvo”, short for “McDonald’s” and “this afternoon”.

Cheers mates!