Classes In Vienna

The curriculum in Vienna is completely different to the what in the US for several different reasons. First off, every class I am in is a minimum 3 hours long. There is no 50 minute or 1:15 classes. I have them one day a week for 3+ hours a day. I personally enjoy it this way. It brings so much order to my life. There is never this fear of figuring what assignment is due which day. If it is for International Marketing, I know it is due Monday. There is something about that which makes my job as a student a whole lot easier.

Group projects are emphasized to a degree that I had no idea existed. I have a group for every single one of my classes, and for some classes, a group presentation once a week. I really like hands-on work over theoretical work so I have really been getting into the process. The professors here area great and a new, state-of-the-art campus is beautiful. I am currently working on projects for international marketing, strategic management, and Marketing research. Working with people from around the world is interesting trying to tackle subjects in global business. I have only got six more weeks and I cannot believe how fast time has flown since I been out here. I cannot wait what they bring me!