First day in Munich

It’s my first day of fall break, and I’m spending it in Munich, Germany! I’ve wanted to go to Germany for the past 6 years or so, ever since I started taking German in highschool. While I don’t have time in my schedule to take Germany anymore, I wish that I could keep up with it.

After getting off of the plane after my early morning flight, I met my friend who is studying abroad here at the airport, and we took the U-Bahn into the city. The first thing that I saw coming up the escalator from the station was the beautiful Altes Rathaus (old city hall). The second thing I saw was the even more beautiful Neues Rathaus (new city hall). We were at the Marienplatz, a city square in Munich which has many shops, a market, and many old buildings. After a brief tour of the city, we went to the BMW Museum. I don’t know a lot about cars, but it was very cool to see the oldest and the newest cars from BMW and to learn a bit of their histroy. After a busy day of sight-seeing, we left to ear at a restaurant near the Marienplatz. 

While I had take. German for more than. 4 years, I haven’t consistently spoken it for more than 2. I remember a lot of the basics, but much of the grammar and a good amount of vocabulary is messy. Walking around d the city, I could do things like order a glass of water, but I had to rely on my friend for things like understanding announcements over the U-Bahn PA system. Even ordering food, I would often either seitch to English or just say yes to whatever the waiter/cashier asked me. It’s coming back to me in bits and pieces, and I’m interested to see how much I will improve by the end of my stay here, if at all.