My Trip to London

For as many trips I have been to away from Vienna, nothing will compare to my trip to London. The time spent in London was definitely one of the highlights I had on my study abroad so far. For how much I have loved Vienna, homesickness was definitely something that hit me hard for a period of time. Traveling to London and visiting friends from back home was definitely a highlight for me. Having Pitt friends to catch up with made the weekend fly by. We could talk about our own experiences as well as what we miss about being home.

I got to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and most importantly, the Globe Theatre. Being a Theatre minor means that going to Shakespeare’s Globe is something that I had to cross off my bucket list. They were playing “Much Ado About Nothing” which was an absolutely wonderful experience. The cast was absolutely brilliant and it reminded me why I love doing theatre in my spare time, and how much a collaborated effort can turn into something beautiful. I cannot wait to continue my travels and I loved every minute of London…even if Big Ben had scaffolding on it.