Hiya! Sorry I’m a bit late to the party – my name’s Jackie Previty and I’m Supply Chain Management student graduating from the College of Business Administration in December 2017. I’ve been a bit busy trying to get things done before I graduate but I figured what better way to prepare myself for the career world than expanding my cultural intelligence. By diving head first into a pool of new living, studying, and working environments, I hope to grow away from my small town mindset and into a more well-rounded person. Growing up in Grove City, Pennsylvania, I was never really able to experience diversity on a large scale and I figured London would be able to give me a greater understanding of the world around me. Also, it doesn’t hurt that London is the center that joins the financial time zones in the eastern and the western parts of the world. I hope my time in London gives me an opportunity to grow beyond my limitations and achieve all of the goals that I have in place for myself. I guess we’ll see how it goes.