The Differences I have encountered

Since coming to Europe and meeting new people, one of the most interesting experiences I have had is explaining aspects about the US that I have found totally normal that others do not find so normal. The funniest event that came to me was when my roommates (who are from Portugal and The Netherlands) told me they thought the idea of the PB&J sandwich was disgusting. They could not figure out how we could eat such a thing. I find this amazing since PB&J’s are one of the least controversial foods in the US. I didn’t expect someone to feel so strongly about this. Trying to explain the concepts of frats was also an interesting conversation that was actually kind of hard for me to explain. I have also gone through the amount of fast food restaurants on pitt’s campus which doesn’t seem the abnormal for me. However, once I gone through all the different options that are offered people cannot seem to get over it. I get non-stop questions about the political climate of the country as well as it seems to make headline news wherever I go. It just is incredibly interesting having conversations with people about subjects I would think are usually mundane but are interesting to a bunch of people.