Looking back on my Experiences

At this point in the program with less than a week left things are winding down and I’m starting to get ready for the return journey. I think what surprised me most about study abroad is how much I’ve learned and all the things I’ve seen and done. I feel like I learned so much about Australia and its history as well as more contemporary issues. In addition to economics and some other business classes with an international focus I feel I’ve really gotten the most out of the experience. Even at my internship I’ve learned so much about international business and supply chains in particular. I knew I was coming firstly to continue to my studies but I didn’t expect just how much I would learn and be able to translate what I’ve learned when I get back to Pittsburgh.

If there is anything I wish I would’ve known before going it would be how fast the time would go. I remember arriving to Sydney like it was yesterday and the end seemed so far off. Fortunately I feel like I’ve made the most of my time here and I don’t have any regrets. On a lighter note I wish I would’ve known more about the weather and prepared accordingly. It was a little colder than I anticipated in the first few weeks of arriving so it’s definitely worth putting in the time to do the research. If I had to give advice to others studying abroad it would be to make the most out of your experience by going out and doing and trying new things. Whether it be taking a train out to the blue mountains for a day or trying Korean food at some obscure restaurant in Chinatown, those are some of things you will remember the most. I’d also recommend keeping some sort of journal along the way just to document what you’ve done so you can go back and look at it. I’m definitely going to miss Sydney but I feel confident that one day I’ll make my way back to this part of the world.

Cheers mates