Reflecting on my Time in Sydney

It’s surreal to me that this will be my last post as I depart tomorrow back to Pittsburgh. I wanted to take the time to write a brief reflection of my time here and share some of the things I will miss the most about my time abroad. It truly has been a life changing experience and is something that I am so glad I decided to do. It’s probably been the fastest three months of my life but certainly the best. I feel like I’ve grown as both an individual, professional, and student. The things I’ll take away from my classes and internship are things that I’m sure will help me in my future studies and career.

I think what I’ll miss most about Sydney is the city’s culture. In particular, the food by far some of the best and most exotic I’ve ever had. From Malaysian to Thai and Korean I really tried as many different cuisines as I could. I’m also going to really miss the laid back surf culture that prevalent throughout the city and in my internship. Going along with that the beaches are some the best in the world, with Manly beach being my favourite. Aside from Sydney I think the highlight of my trip was going to New Zealand. Queenstown and Wanaka are probably two of my favourite places in the world and I already am looking forward to going back one day. It’s truly been a life changing experience and made me realise how much more is out there.

On a lighter note I’m happy to be going back to Pittsburgh as it’s where I go to school and have lived my whole life. I’m most excited to get back and get a Primanti’s sandwich while watching a Steeler’s game enjoying the cold weather. Until next time