A deeper look into Vienna

Two and a half months into my semester abroad, I have now becoming more accustomed to calling Vienna my home. It is a beautiful city where any fan of the arts must go to. I have explored the city by going to landmarks such as Belvedere’s art gallery, the natural history museum, the center city, and stadthalle. I have gone to see musicals, art, and museums in this city and it is clearly shown that this city cares about the culture and history. Keeping the architecture relatively the same makes the trip to campus so much easier. It’s hard to not have your breath taken away by some of the beautiful buildings you find yourself walking past. It’s almost as if you are walking through a history that you cannot find back in the States being from a time period that is older than the country I grew up in. Looking at churches built in the 14th century is something that simply astonishes me to this day. It never gets old, and exploring more European history was something that drew to study abroad in the first place. I have never seen anything like this.