Thanksgiving in London

It’s hard to believe that we are moving into December, which means the end of my study abroad experience. Therefore, I am trying to see and do as much as I can within the next 3 weeks. This past couple of weeks haven’t been insanely crazy for me but I have still gotten to see some new things.

With my Shakespeare class, we went and saw a production of Othello performed by young actors. It was a shortened down version of the play but I thought they did a really good job. On our way to the theater, I got my first real look at some of the Christmas lights that have gone up throughout London. I hope to get to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park within the next couple of weeks.

Last Friday was the CAPA Globalization Conference, where some of my work was displayed at. My group presented on gentrification in Soho for our Pop-Culture class. We looked at some of the different industries that have been staples in Soho and are slowly getting pushed out because of gentrification. Also, our Finance class did a poster on the four major banks in the UK. My group looked at Lloyd’s bank and gave a presentation in class.

My internship has been very exciting the last couple of weeks. My team is currently working on developing a new platform for one of the companies and has had me busy. I feel like I have started to connect with my coworkers more and will be sad when it is over. They also had a funny Thanksgiving feast, which included donuts and popcorn.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, some of my friends and I decided to make our own Thanksgiving feast since we would be away from home. It was the first time I wasn’t home for Thanksgiving so it was a little weird. I made a homemade stuffing which somehow managed to be decent. We had a lot of fun and even had a couple of local Brits join us for the feast. I think we gave them a decent representation of what a traditional American Thanksgiving is like.

This weekend, me and a couple of friends made the short trip out to Windsor to see the castle. The castle was really nice and was a lot less crowded than Buckingham Palace. And who knows maybe the Queen was there roaming the halls like us. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the castle (some people learned this the hard way as security cards made them delete photos). But it is very medieval looking and has a great little town around it which we enjoyed for a little before returning to London. I also was able to go the National Gallery, which is home to Van Gogh’s and Renoir’s.

I have a lot planned for these next couple of weeks and hope to end my trip on a high note.