Reflecting on my time in Sydney

I cannot believe that I am already back in Pittsburgh, PA! The time in Sydney flew by, especially the last few weeks! I just wanted to address some of the things that I will miss most about studying abroad! The first thing is definitely the friends that I have made on this trip! Going into this trip, I wasn’t sure whether I would be making friends with kids from around the US or just other Pitt students! However, I did both! I met and became close with students from Arizona State University, the University of New Hampshire, Merrimack College, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Massachusettes – Amherst! These became some of my really good friends that I will definitely not lose contact with! Making these friends really improved my experience while studying abroad as we had the opportunity to share our experiences and explore the city together!

The other thing that I will miss most is the laid-back culture. Already being back in the United States, people are back to their busy rushed selves and I miss the quiet relaxed nature that Sydney provided.  Part of the culture that I will miss as well is the cuisines that I was able to try while abroad.  I had the opportunity to try some exotic cuisine such as authentic Asian food and Kangaroo! Trying these foods was something new for me and I am so lucky to have had this experience!

Although this was an incredible experience, I am thrilled to be back in Pittsburgh! I will definitely return to Australia to explore the Great Barrier Reef and Perth, and New Zealand to visit the most beautiful city, Queenstown, again!


Mitchell Wesoly