Preparing for Sydney

Hi Everyone!

My name is Nehal Murib and I am a sophomore majoring in Marketing while pursuing a minor in Economics and a Certificate in International Business. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and am extremely excited to go explore a different country! While in Sydney, I’ll be taking courses to fulfill my Certificate in International Business. My courses are International Marketing, International Economics, International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, and Advertising and Promotions. In addition to my coursework, I will be interning with APG and Co. I am extremely excited to be interning at this particularly well known Australian fashion company as it will give me experience in a field that I want to pursue after college. While I’m in Sydney, I hope I’ll be able to explore the city and be exposed to all of the different cultures there!

Being a student at Pitt, I am fortunate enough to have so many options available when it comes to the curriculum abroad. I chose this study abroad program for many reasons, but the main reason is that it suits my major extremely well. As a student majoring in marketing, I would become extremely well-rounded in the subject by studying in the marketing capital for the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, studying in Australia will allow me to gain information on international business as well as marketing. In addition to the curriculum, I am also grateful that Pitt offers this program in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Personally, I believe that studying abroad can help someone accomplish many learning objectives, not just in the classroom, but outside in certain areas pertaining to common topics such as culture. On the Global Business Institute Program, I plan on achieving career-related knowledge through what I will learn during the internship opportunity. Another objective that I wish to accomplish is understanding the different norms and cultures of Australia and how its educational system functions. Lastly, I hope to develop an openness to differing viewpoints on controversial topics and be able to form and share my own opinions of those topics in a professional manner.

Throughout the program, I plan on gaining new skills and knowledge that will have an impact on myself and my life after college. During the program, I plan on developing a better sense of autonomy. This is integral for when I graduate college and am on my own. Being autonomous is also important because I suppose that it will have an influence on shaping my values and on understanding my culture. In addition to that, this program will allow me to develop a sense of direction, specifically finding my way through an unfamiliar area.  I also believe that I will be able to improve my ability to bridge social or economic differences with people in other countries and be able to develop skills such as certain etiquettes for use in global contexts. Lastly, being in a different country will allow me to be more open-minded, especially when it comes to understanding different cultures and trying new things.

For the next few weeks I’ll be spending time with my family and hoping that I’ll be able to build a snowman before I leave!