Off to London

Hi all! My name is Andres Hoberman and I will be leaving to study abroad in London for the next 4 months.

Little introduction of myself, I am a senior majoring in finance, accounting, and business information systems (that’s a mouthful). I am minoring in economics and will be completing a certificate in international business (another mouthful) while abroad in London. I couldn’t quite decide on one major so I’m doing a bit of everything! I grew up and was raised in Pittsburgh. I’ve been fortunate to receive 2 internships with PwC and another coming in the summer. I started with them in Pittsburgh my first year. Last year I interned in their NYC office and will be returning to their NYC office this upcoming summer. I will be working in mergers and acquisitions for the second summer and hope to secure a job offer upon graduating.

Outside of school and work I have many hobbies. I’ve played soccer my entire life and currently play on the men’s club team at Pitt. I hope to be able to find a team to play with in London. Along with that, I love to take photos and videos. I will be completing CAPA’s vlogger grant while abroad. I will be releasing 1 video every week while in London and hope to release more if time allows. Bare with my awkwardness in the first couple videos. I also am obsessed with traveling. I have been to 38 countries and hope to add a few to the list while I’m abroad! I haven’t seen Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland so I will be planning trips there if you happen to have any suggestions.

I chose GBI London because along with NYC, London is a financial capital of the world. This program also allows me to take courses that will allow me to use the GPA when returning to Pitt. I hope to personally make a lot of memories, meet new people, and enjoy living in Europe because it is something that I’ve always dreamt of doing. Professionally/academically, I hope to expand my network and have people that know me well in London. Being able to get good grades in London will also show that I am able to adapt to new cultures and succeed which is a great quality in the world of consulting.

While being nervous, I am very excited to start this journey and make the most out of it. I hope to look back on studying abroad and be grateful that I decided to take the leap and get out of my comfort zone. Thanks for reading!