Sydney Here I Come

Hey everyone! My name is Christian Abad and I am a Junior studying Marketing, Supply Chain and Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Originally, I’m from Yardley Pennsylvania, a small suburb of Philadelphia. When first coming to Pittburgh, I was excited to explore and see new places. The same excitement follows as I leave the US and set my sights on Sydney.

I chose the GBI Sydney program because of the many opportunities available in the country. I see Australia and mix of eastern and western cultures so I look forward to seeing the what the country has to offer. While in Australia, I plan to travel a lot. Being a huge tennis fan, I want to make my way down to Melbourne and check out the Australian Open. Also, I want to make a trip to Cairns and see the Great Barrier Reef. Aside from travel, I’m ready to explore the city of Sydney and gain new experiences. I’m really into finding new restaurants to go to and new food to eat so Sydney brings a new challenge. I’ve been told that the Vietnamese and other asian food in Sydney is great so I can’t wait to try it for myself.

I am particularly intrigued in experiencing the Australian culture. From what I know, Australia is relatively more laid back and casual compared to the Northeast where I am originally from. I hope to gain new insights from the diverse group of people I will be meeting and working with.

Following the trip, I hope to travel across Asian to visit family and explore new places. The next few months are packed with adventure and new experiences so I can’t wait to depart!