My Reflections: Part 1

Now that I have been back home for a couple weeks now, I wanted to break my reflections down in three parts. For the first part, I wanted to reflect of the social aspects of my time in Europe.

There were certainly some trials that I faced while I was in Europe, especially doing a Exchange program where I was not going to know a single person there. Meeting so many people from so many different cultures was as exciting as it was humbling. Getting a perspective about a country as controversial as the US from an outside source is certainly something that every American should experience. I now have friends all over the globe from The Netherlands to Brazil to Australia. At times it was a struggle to adjust to not being around the friends I usually see and it was pretty rough seeing what was going on back home when I was not there. However, I remembered where I was and how unique it was. This was an experience I will probably never have again, and I made the most of it. Going all over Europe was such a special time and it was just beginning of me exploring the world.