My last weekend: Pt. 2

From Poland, I went to another country that I had family roots in, Ireland. It was a bummer because I had less than twenty four hours in Dublin. so I decided to make the most of it. There was a only one thing I knew I had to take part in if I had as little time as I did. That’s right. I decided to par-take in a Dublin Pub-crawl.

The Temple Bar portion of Dublin is incredibly beautiful. I mentioned earlier the Christmas markets in Vienna, and the Dublin Christmas markets where just as amazing. The one bar I went played local Irish music and the group I was with watched almost the entire performance while we were there. there was so many different people from around the world I met. I even got meet someone who was also from Pittsburgh coming back from their time abroad which was a wonderful surprise. I always wonder about what other cities of would’ve loved to do a semester in, and I feel like Ireland is right up near the top. Dublin was a city I wish I had so much more time in, but I am so glad I got the most of it like I did.

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