My last weekend: Part 1

Near the end of my time in Austria, I had two more countries I had the chance to visit. The first country I got to visit was Poland. Being both Polish and Hungarian, I was really excited to visit countries I had family roots in. Poland was definitely an emotional experience for me as I visited Auschwitz.

Being raised Jewish, I learned about the Holocaust time and time again. I felt like I needed all i needed to know. There was nothing that surprised me at this point. Visiting a concentration camp, Auschwitz no less, was a completely different experience than learning it in a classroom. Having family members who died in the Holocaust, this became an overwhelming trip for me. The buildings were exactly the same as they were during the 30’s and 40’s, and the descriptions of each room created an image that was solemn to say the least. Seeing Auschwitz was an out of body experience for me that I am incredibly glad that I did that and I did not need to do it again. The other city I went to, Krakow, was just as beautiful as every other city I went to in Europe.