London Calling: The Prologue

Welcome, friends. Hi grandma.

For those of you who don’t know (As I expect the majority of readers to be my mom’s friends from Facebook) , my name is Tucker P. Nicholas. I am currently studying Marketing & International Business with a minor in History from the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. If you couldn’t tell by the headphones in my “featured image”, I’ve got quite the passion for all things music.

Whether I’m producing tracks, DJ-ing, or listening to Spotify, most of my days revolve around music. I can credit this obsession to my mom and dad, both of whom made it a point to educate my brother and I on their favorite artists and genres as we were growing up. My mom was always the one discovering new artists and sharing them with me. I still remember her showing me Adele’s first album 17, long before she was a household name. My dad, on the other hand, was very into the British New-Wave sounds of the 80s. If you’re thinking Depeche Mode, The Police, and American artists like the B-52’s, you’re in the right ballpark.

the police (blogpost)

My childhood car-rides were more educational than recreational. Filled with lectures on the cultural influences behind the bands, these “lessons” went on to shape an integral part of who I am. I grew up constantly curious about the relationship between music and the different cultures of the world, and I knew early on that I would be traveling the world to witness these relationships firsthand.

This brings us back to the reason why this article is being written. For the next four months, I will be studying abroad in London through Pitt’s international program. While abroad, I will also be interning at Blow Up Records, an independent British dance label founded in 1994. I hope to gain valuable experience in the music industry at this internship, and to apply it following my return to the United States. The opportunity to intern at a record label while abroad is incredibly unique and part of the reason I decided to study abroad this spring. In-between work, I am taking a handful of international business courses, including one in marketing. I look forward to learning these fields in a foreign environment and experience the importance of globalization in business/music first hand.

My departure is slated for January 9th, and I am due back in America by the end of April. I will be updating this blog almost every week, so stay tuned… if your heart desires.

I also plan on getting some DJ gigs while in London… cross your fingers I find a club willing to take a chance on me!



(My music can be found on ; I will be collaborating with British/European artists during my stay.)