Eccitato per l’Italia!

It’s nearly here! I’ve been counting down the days for some time now, and I truly can’t wait to head off to Florence.

My name is Derek Offitzer, a Junior marketing major in Pitt’s CBA. I am going to be studying at the CAPA center in Florence through Pitt’s Global Business Institute. Ever since I arrived at Pitt and heard about the many abroad programs they offered, I was determined to get involved myself. I noticed immediately how helpful and cooperative Pitt’s study abroad office is, as they clearly want to do everything they can to help make these programs possible for any student that wants to go. I had been worried that I would be unable to fit in the program because of a relatively late switch in my major. With the help of many people at Pitt, I was able to figure it out and make this dream a reality.

More specifically, I chose to study in Florence primarily because of how much I adored Italian culture, food, and the location. Not only will I be living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but I’ll be in a relatively central location, allowing me to see some of the most incredible places in the world. Sure, I may gain more than a few pounds from endless pizza, gelato, and pasta, but I have no doubt it will be worth it!

This past fall semester, I took Italian 1 to get a head start on learning the language and adapting easier to the Italian lifestyle. It turned out to be a smart decision, because I learned so much and have a much better understanding of their culture and know what to expect early on. My goal for the trip is to be able to sit down in a cafe and have the ability to read through an Italian newspaper and understand it all by the end of my stay.  I also hope to make some good friends and live more independently. I only know a handful of Pitt students who will be with me on this trip and it is going to be a brand new challenge for me– almost like starting college all over again. I’m sure that I will come out of this trip with even more great friends from Pitt along with others across the country and world!

I depart for Florence on January 11, and am excited to update you all with more details about this thrilling trip!

I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Woohoo!! Florence!!!!!