Arrividerci, Firenze!

Here is my parting vlog post to briefly summarize my time in Italy. Arrividerci translates to “until next time” ;).

Note to Self

To my pre-departure self, You don’t know if yet, but you are about to move to one of the most beautiful, culturally rich, and meaningful countries in the world (well, in your opinion at least). Three months of studying abroad might sound like a lot of time to you now, but trust me, it’s nothing….

Into the Home Stretch

Living, studying, and working in a foreign country is guaranteed to give you a new set of skills that you can’t get anywhere else. Everyday I challenge myself to get better at something or learn something whether it is practicing my Italian, being more outgoing, finding a new street, or learning something in my internship….

Italian Challenges

Follow this link to watch my vlog about adaptability and problem solving in Florence!

Tasting Florence

When I was told back in August that I would be interning for a food tour company in Italy, I thought I was dreaming. Sure, it’s nothing like a corporate internship, but it still gives me meaningful experience and an opportunity to learn and apply some skills I know already. While in Florence, I am…

Falling for Firenze

Ciao ragazzi! My name is Diana James and I am happy to be writing to you from Florence this semester! I am from outside of Philadelphia in Montgomery County, but at Pitt I am a junior majoring in Marketing, Global Management, Supply Chain, and getting a Certificate in Sustainability. Since the start of my time…

Grazie Mille, Firenze

When I got the email that our study abroad program had been canceled, I had the same reaction as I’m sure every other study abroad student had: absolute devastation. I had been watching the news updates all week as other programs in Florence were getting sent home, but I just couldn’t believe that we would…

Overcoming the Challenges of Studying Abroad

As one would expect, studying abroad in a foreign country for a semester is much different than a typical semester spent in Oakland. Before arriving in Florence, I anticipated having things like a language barrier, unfamiliar surroundings, and making new friends as obstacles to overcome. However, one challenge I did not expect was adjusting to…

Apartment Living in Florence

Ciao! As part of the CAPA Florence program, I was placed in an apartment that has become my “home away from home” for the semester. I decided to go random for roommates because I didn’t know anyone from Pitt going on the program, and I ended up being placed with three other girls. One of…