Social Dynamics Shaping London

London, a city that has over five thousand years of history, is still evolving on an everyday basis. From historical neighborhood backgrounds to individuals and community groups from many different culturally stimulating backgrounds, it has been thriving as a centralized global city. Thanks to many different cultures around the world, this “melting pot” of people has had a large impact on the development and character of London as an international power. This semester, I have been able to enhance my understanding of global London since I was able to dive deeper into the culture of each area and further research the social dynamics of each of these neighborhoods. The inhabitants of North London and South London have always been in conflict about which side is the “better side.” What I’ve found from an outsider’s’ perspective is that there is not much difference. Whiled I lived in a flat on the northern side of London, I worked in an office on the southern side of London. The commute was about an hour but once I stepped off the tube, the air smelled the same, the stores all looked the same, and the people acted the same. It made me realize that although it may seem like we differ drastically from others in our lifestyles, in the end we are not much different from our neighbors (even if they live on the other side of the river).

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