Paris 9/27-9/29

Wow. What a city. I guess it’s true what they say; you either hate it or you love it. I lean towards the latter. There’s so much to see! We came in on the Eurostar and hopped on a bus to take a tour of the city. As we traveled from Moulin Rouge to Notre Dame, past the Louvre, and finally to the Eiffel Tower, we hopped off the coach to grab some pictures. We circled around the arc de triomphe and saw why the roundabout was one of the highest places of traffic accidents in the whole world (no traffic signs, lights, 5+ lanes of cars and buses). After seeing some of the main sights, we headed to our hotel which was located in La Defense, the financial district of Paris on the outside of the city. It’s interesting to see the differences in each of the financial hubs around the world. Because of the extensive history of Paris and London (2,000 and 5,000 years, respectively), these cities have evolved to create financial districts outside of the main cultural area; whereas New York seems to have evolved around it’s financial center. I’ve heard that the reason for this is because these older cities have adapted to mimic the financial aesthetics of the new world. It sure seems to look like it. My favorite part of Paris was the substantial amount of food and wine, The wine capital of the world! I learned the difference between sparkling wine and champagne is that real champagne must come from Champagne, France, French onion soup is unbelievably good (and less processed) in France, and croissants ARE all they’re cracked up to be. Being just a short 2 hour trip from London, I hope to travel back to France one day to adventure more of what the country has to offer.