My Reflections: Pt. 3

My final reflections is my last words about my semester abroad.

I faced a large amount of challenges while I was in Europe. I met new people, I went to a different part of the world all by myself, I lost my phone (ok that one was my fault). It was really strange that I felt like I was struggling in the situation I was in because everyone I knew who studied abroad talked about how it was the greatest experience of their life and that they never wanted to go back. I fought homesickness all the time and I could not understand why it was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. My advice to anyone who studies abroad is it is not going to be the best experience 100% of the time. There are some days that really are hard and you wonder why you made this choice. That is perfectly ok. That does not lessen the experience in any way shape or form. There were days that were incredibly hard and do not regret the decision for a minute. I got to experience so many opportunities that most people I know do not get to experience. If you ever have the chance to study abroad do it. No other way to put it. This is Alec Davis, signing off for the last time.