‘Straya Mate


G’Day everyone!

It has been just over a week since I touched down in Sydney and so far I have had an incredible start to my trip.  After a 30-hour journey, I stepped out of the airport into the blazing Australian heat (It was no warmer than 20 deg. F back home in New Jersey!).  The warm weather has truly made the experience more enjoyable thus far.  For the first few days, I stayed with a friend who has an apartment in Mona Vale on the Northern Beach.  Our days were filled with barbecuing, exploring, and relaxing at the beach.  One day, I travelled up the coast to Palm Beach, which had some of the nicest houses and waters that I have ever seen in my life.

Currently, I am all moved into my student accommodation, located right in Central Sydney.  The area is affluent and bustling with city-goers and locals.  Pretty much all necessities like food and clothes are located conveniently  around the corner from my apartment in the Broadway Shopping Center.

I share a suite-style apartment with students from Pitt, Ursinus, and Merimack College.  In my program, there are students from schools across the US including the University of Delaware and Arizona State University.  While it is nice to meet other students from the States, I do wish we had other nations represented in the program.  For instance, when I did a summer program in Berlin last July, I was only one of eight Americans in the whole class, which allowed me to meet students from all over the world and gain insight to multiple cultures.  In the coming days, I hope to make connections with locals and definitely network with my colleagues at my internship site.

One of the unique aspects of Australian culture is all the various lingo and slang that the locals use.  I have picked up some already and done my best to weave it into daily conversation, like saying “arvo” for afternoon or “how you going?” instead of how’s it going or how are you?  Who knows, maybe I will return to the States with an Aussie accent!

This should be an exciting week because my internship and classes are starting.  I will be sure to check in next weekend with a new post to let everyone know how everything is going.

Thanks for reading!