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I would like to start off my first post from London by apologizing (now that my computer is in the U.K., it is telling me to spell this with an “s” instead of a “z”) for not updating my blog earlier. Although I have only been here for two weeks, it feels like it has been much longer!!

Since this is my first post from the U.K., I will break it into subsections for convenience purposes.


Living Arrangements:

My flat is located in Kilburn Park, NW London, next to the famous St. Augustine’s Anglican church. Oddly enough, this church is younger (138 yrs old) than St. Stephen’s Cathedral of Harrisburg, PA,  the church I grew up attending (192 yrs old). I have included that fun fact because I know my dad will get a kick out of it, and he is the one financing a majority of my trip. Therefore we must keep him happy at all costs.

Kilburn Park kilburn map.jpg

Kilburn park is quite the diverse neighbourhood. Originally home to many Irish immigrants, it is now the home to many Middle Eastern immigrants & their families. This means you can walk down the street and pass a Persian restaurant on your way to an Irish pub. I must say, I do not have a great deal of experience eating food from this part of the world, but I can hear the advice of my PupPup, to try new foods any chance I get, echoing through my head. Maybe I’ll keep a running log of every where I’ve eaten and do a separate blog post reviewing those spots.

The Flat:

In Kilburn, I live in an 8-person town home in a small complex of other kids in the study abroad program. Although the location is a tad bit farther than the other CAPA sites, it makes up for in with the flat itself. The flat is narrow, four stories high, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and one kitchen.

The Flat Mates:

Going into the program, I requested to live with a friend from my business fraternity, Baylen. I am glad I did this, and I will say it has not hindered me from making friends with the rest of the flat. Everyone in the flat gets along very well, and we usually stick together during our school field trips. Here is a list of the crew:

Griffin- Year: Sophomore, College: Ole Miss, Hometown: Louisiana; doing an internship with a representative from Parliament this semester

Mitch- Year: Junior, College: Kansas, Hometown: Minnesota; doing an internship with the non-profit Let’s Play 

Kevin- Year: Senior, College: Minnesota, Hometown: Minnesota

Clay- Year: Junior, College: Pitt (no I did not know him beforehand), Hometown: Pittsburgh

Bobby- Year: Sophomore, College: University of Utah, Hometown: Salt Lake City

Jorgen- Year: Sophomore, College: University of Utah, Hometown: Salt Lake City

Baylen- Year: Junior, College: Pitt, Hometown: Philadelphia


Academics: (yes I will actually be doing schoolwork while I am here)

I am taking three classes through CAPA. The classes are:

-Marketing/Advertising in Great Britain

-International Marketing

-International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior


While here, I will be working for Paul Tunkin at Blow-Up records. Here I will be contacting BBC Radio, and other press outlines doing promotion for the artists on the label. The office is located in Leytonstone, East London. It is a lengthy commute, starting with a 45-minute Tube ride followed by a 20-minute walk to the office. Luckily the dress code is casual, so I don’t have to do this trek in my suit every day.


I’m going to share some photos that I have accumulated over the first two weeks here. Some of them are from Stonehenge & Bath, which I visited yesterday. I am going to do a separate post about that trip later this week.

The famous Roman Bath, Bath, U.K.










A Woman in Picadilly Circus