First Week of Class

We survived!

One week through classes and I’m very excited for the rest of the semester.

On Monday, I had two classes: Detective Fiction and International Economics. Detective fiction is looking out to be one of the more interesting classes that I am going to be able to take. We are on track to read 8 novels, each different from the one before and all focused around the genre of detective fiction. I have never read Sherlock Holmes or an Agatha Christie novel, but now I will have the opportunity to do so, which is very exciting. International Economics, although very different from Detective Fiction, is a module (that’s what they call a course here) that will be insightful into what I plan on doing with my career. There are so many variables that affect the U.S. economy, one that I am more familiar with, especially internationally. My professor seems very unbiased as far as political factors go, and for that I am very grateful and will surely have a nice learning experience.

Tuesday I have one night class: International Finance. Now our professor has his PhD from Cambridge and his masters from Oxford. Essentially, he is a very capable and impressive man. He is very spirited and passionate about finance which will hopefully provide a good experience.

On Wednesday, I only have a night class so I spent the morning exploring the city. I ventured over to St. Paul’s Cathedral and climbed the 257 steps to the top. It was exhilarating, and I’m glad I did it myself because it was also exhausting! (but so worth it)


After that, I headed back over to Kensington to my last class of the week: Exploring the Global City of London. It is aimed at getting students out and about to truly analyze the different boroughs and towns of London on a global scale. I’m sure it will be very interesting.

Thursday I have no classes so some of my flat mates and I went out to see Hyde Park and Kensington Palace. It was a beautiful day so the exploration was well worth the 8 mile walk.


On Friday, my friend Fiona came to visit the city, considering she is staying in Rome for the semester. I showed her everything I had seen so far in Westminster, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

Saturday CAPA had a trip to Stonehenge and Bath planned. It was lots of fun with our flat mates and quite nice to get outside of the city to see some of the countryside.


We have a trip to Paris planned for next week! Exciting things ahead. Cheers!