entry 1 – arrival


I have finally arrived and settled in to my new life in London. I arrived around a week ago and a lot has happened since day 1. Upon arrival I moved in to my flat in northwest London in the neighborhood of Kilburn. I am living with 7 other guys from around the states. 4 of us go to the University of Pittsburgh and the others include two from the University of Colorado, 1 from Arizona State University, and 1 from the University of Minnesota. We have all been getting along great and its been smooth sailing so far!

On the first weekend we all went out and explored our neighborhood. There are plenty of small pubs and we watched some evening EPL matches together. During the day we had orientation which was funny. I had the feeling that I was back in my freshmen year of college having to meet all new people and introduce myself all over again.

The apartment is very roomy for having 8 people. I am rooming with my friend Jared from Pitt who I know through the Pitt Club Soccer team. We have a nice room which we have kept organized and split up well. I haven’t had to share a room with someone since freshmen year so maybe that’s another thing that is giving me the feeling of freshmen year all over again, in a good way! My next post will be about my reaction to the first week of classes and how I spent my free time after classes.

My featured image is Abbey Road which is where the Beatles took their infamous album cover photo and where their recording studio is. It is very close to my flat and we all walked over their on our tour of Kilburn the neighborhoods around Kilburn.

Until then,