Pre-Departure Post; London GBI


Hi there!

My name is Jacqueline Zolla, and I am a business student at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m a student of the College of Business Administration majoring in Marketing, minoring in French, and working towards my certificate in International Business while I’m abroad. I’m from North Jersey – about an hour outside the city. A fun fact about me is I was fortunate enough to study abroad with Pitt through Plus3 and traveled to Italy!

Currently, I’m studying abroad in London, England through the Global Business Institute at Pitt for the spring semester of 2018. I’m so excited to travel throughout England and see the towns and cities the United Kingdom has to offer as well as the rest of Europe. I chose London specifically since it’s a business capital of economic and political power, and thought it’d be interesting to experience the foreign affairs happening right now in England (specifically Brexit). It’s also a plus that they speak English! I’m a little worried about adjusting to the culture here; even though they speak English, it is still a foreign country with a different lifestyle and culture compared to the States.


I’m so grateful I’ve already experienced studying abroad through the University of Pittsburgh. I had chosen to go through Plus3 to Italy since the focus of the program was fashion supply chain management, which is what I intend to do upon graduation. I had chosen to study abroad in London also because it’s one of the few fashion capitals of the world, and I’m excited to see it in a business perspective like I had in Milan after my freshman year. I have always enjoyed traveling and immersing myself in a culture! Since I’ve studied the French language since I was 12 years old, I feel that my understanding of a European culture and their society has strengthened my understanding in a more international matter. I’m looking forward to first-hand experiencing it in England.


I had chosen business as my pursuit of studies because I felt that my personality was the most fitting for my intended major. I have always been a people-person, and hope to take my understanding of the business world into a career in the fashion industry. Through Pitt so far, I have taken classes to shape my understanding in my intended career. My favorite classes so far have been Retail Management and Introduction to Finance.


After graduation, I’d like to begin my career as a buyer in the retail industry and hopefully work my way up to an executive-level position. As a buyer, I must have an understanding of consumer trends, economic affairs, and the evolving market of retail. I’ve had several internships so far under the field of marketing, each touching a different branch of the wide business sector. I’ve worked under social media, public relations, advertising, and market research. I’m excited to study abroad and have this opportunity to not only strengthen my resume but of my understanding of the business world overall.