entry 2 – first week of classes


I finished my first week of classes and it was a great start to the program. On Monday, I had my international economics class. Four of my roommates are in the class and I know a few others from Pitt which was nice. After that I went to Imperial College of London and got on a bus with the club soccer team at the university. I attended their practice which was super fun. It was great because they had a coach who had several drills that were well arranged. I am still trying to decide if I want to join the team, dilemma would be that they practice Monday’s and have matches on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s which could be a heavy load and collide with my weekend trips around Europe.

Tuesday I had international finance and the professor we had seemed extremely qualified. He had multiple books published, went to Cambridge and Oxford, and spoke at the G20 conference in front of multiple world leaders. I am very excited to learn a lot from him and bring out a lot from the class to take to my internship this summer. I am planning to go into financial advisory. My internship is with PwC in transaction services which is finance heavy.

Wednesday’s class was international organizational behavior. My professor was super friendly and I got some great recommendations on things to do around London and some great restaurants near Brick Lane. He played an episode of The Office at the end of class which may have cemented him as my favorite professor hear since it is my all time favorite show. After class I went exploring around Brick Lane and got some great curry.

Last class of the week was on Thursday and this is international marketing. I am not majoring or minoring in marketing, only taking it to complete my certificate in international business. I have only taken one marketing my freshmen year, which I enjoyed so I am interested to see if I like the international aspect of it.

I had no class on Friday, so I was able to hang out with a friend from home who was also in London. We played tourist and walked around the Thames.

My next post will be about my first weekend trip in Europe. I am meeting my family in Iceland and will be leaving right after my class on Thursday.


Until then,