First Week

Hi all!

I officially made it through my first full week in Sydney. The trip started out a little rough with a delayed flight in Chicago which set my arrival time back a full 24 hours. It actually turned out okay however, as I got to spend the day in Los Angeles. Two days later and I touched down in Sydney. Right from the start I knew my wallet was in for a trip as I spent $50 on a taxi to get to my apartment.

I briefly met my roommate before going to Sydney (he too goes to Pitt). We get along great and the rest of the guys in my apartment are great too. It feels like freshman year again as you are constantly meeting people and making new friends except this time there are people from schools all over the country like Massachusetts, Arizona, and Minnesota. Everyone here including the locals I have met out and about have all been very pleasant and enjoyable.

Sydney is an absolutely gorgeous city with a very interesting layout. I have been already been to four beaches, each of them great in their own way. The only complaint I have about Sydney is the prices. Almost everything is very expensive here even when you calculate the difference in the value of the currencies.

I completed my first week of my classes and internship and am very excited about what is to come. I am interning at Australian Opal Cutters, a high end jewelry and pearls. From day one I was able to do some meaningful work. My classes and teachers seem very interesting and I can’t wait to learn about international business and Australian cinema.

I am already looking ahead at possible weekend trips and spring break (RIP to my bank account). Stay tuned for more!