My Trip to Stonehenge and Bath

Sorry for the delay of my third post, but I promise I’ll try to make up for it with a couple posts over these next couple days. I’m also going to hold off for another week or so to tell you about my internship and classes, at a point where I can truly discuss how I’ve liked the first couple weeks without rushing to conclusions.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I took a trip to Stonehenge and Bath. As a part of the CAPA program, this trip was included free of charge, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to do as a day trip. That morning, the tube at our stop was closed, so we had to take a rather pricy taxi over to Kensington to barely make it on to our bus (we got there at 7:59, the bus left at 8:00). After that, we all stretched out and relaxed for the first leg of our trip to Stonehenge; about an hour and a half long trip.

Once we were 15 minutes away, our tour guide woke us all up and started telling us the history and fascination with Stonehenge, and all the different theories on why it was built and how the stones were assembled. After we got off the bus, we took another short trolley about a mile further into the countryside to actually see the site. It was lightly raining at this point, which made Stonehenge seem even more eery and mysterious in some way. Although there wasn’t much to do there, the pictures were great, and it really was quite a spectacle for the half an hour we spent there.


After Stonehenge, we had another hour to go to reach Bath. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, other than the fact that I knew it was a small town far away from London. However, I was seriously impressed with my entire experience with Bath. We explored the town for a couple hours and grabbed lunch at a local pub for some traditional meat pies as well (which were unbelievably tasty). Finally, we ended our 5 hour journey in Bath at the famous Roman Baths, which used the natural hot spring water from underneath the town and naturally rose through cracks in the limestone to create relaxing pools.


I was seriously impressed with the amount of artifacts and information the site had to offer, as I was thinking the journey would be a quick 10 minute stop. However, there was plenty of information to go through as we received an audioguide as a part of our tour, and my flatmates and I got plenty of pictures touring the site as well. Finally, after we left the site, we had about 15 minutes before our bus left again, so I stopped inside a nearby fudge shop for a couple of free samples, which may have been the best fudge I have ever eaten. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Bath as a town, and it definitely was neat to see such a historical site in Stonehenge.

For my next blog, I’m going to recap this past weekend in Paris and I definitely will have plenty to talk about. It was one of the coolest cities I have ever been to, so I’ll go into depth of some of the highlights as well as include some of the pictures of the different sites I visited. Cheers!