Week 1 Australia

Sydney Harbor BabyI can’t believe it’s already been a week since landing here in Sydney. I feel like I’ve already seen and experienced so much. Over the past week I’ve traveled to many beaches, gotten sun burned several times, eaten amazing food and have developed a slight caffeine addiction (the coffee here is amazing)

Coming to Australia, I was told about the laid back and friendly culture of Australia. I never truly understood this until living and talking with Australia’s citizens. Everyone I’ve talked to has been extremely polite, talkative and helpful. I’ve found my interesting conversations have been late night with some Aussie’s outside of the club. Here, we’ve discussed differences in cultures between the US, Australia and other countries. I’ve never noticed how strange the idiosyncrasies of typical Americans are until looking from the outside in.

One think that I’ve noticed about Sydney is its diverse population. Sydney really is a melting pot of cultures. With that melting pot comes a unique culture in itself. The food in scene truly reflects the population. A lot like the US, there is food from all across the world. In the past few days I’ve had amazing Chinese, Korean, Italian and others. I’ve even tried vegemite (not the best experience)!

Overall, I love Sydney. From the weather, to the beach, to people that reside here—I’m enjoying every minute.

Peace out,

Christian Abad