Week 1.5 Beach Guide

The outdoors is my favorite part of Australia. I like it because (1) anything is better than freezing Pittsburgh weather (2) I get to brag to my friends that I go snorkeling/hiking/biking/ beaching all the time. Below are some of the places I’ve been going to.

Gordon’s Bay

My favorite thing to do in Australia is to Snorkel. I LIVE to see these fish. Gordon’s bay is my favorite place so far. It’s a small beach a 10 min walk from Coogi beach. It has a lot of good views and some really cool fish. The area also has a underwater trail in the middle of the bay but I’ve been too scared to do it (it goes really deep underwater). So far I’ve seen an octopus, a large blue fish, and a few schools of baby fish (it’s really fun to swim through these).


10 minutes north of Gordon’s bay lies Clovelly. The area is a nice place to swim because it’s calm and deep. The crowd here is notably young and old (everyone is either a kid or greater than 50). The snorkeling here is alright but I personally don’t like it too much because the water is so cold!  Around the area are some rocks and small pools to wade around in. If you walk across the coast along the rocks, you reach a pretty big overlook where the waves crash all around you (scary!). My friend and I thought we were gonna be the only ones there because it was a pretty far walk but when we got to the overlook, there was a crowd of pre-teens just chilling on the rocks—oy.

Tamaruma Beach

One of my favorite beaches so far. Tamaruma lies on the cost in between Bondi and Coogi. It’s a small beach with some heavy waves. This one is pretty notable because there’s a rocky area next to the sand where the waves hit. What’s cool is that the rocks have a layer of kelp living on it so when you step on it it’s like walking on a soft wet rug.

There’s still so much more out there I can’t wait to experience it all!

Cheers mate