Keen For a Feed

Real talk. The food here is crazy. So far, I haven’t had a bad meal at all and I hope it stays that way. Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon period and everything I experience abroad is amazing. OR maybe (and I think this is true) Sydney food is actually incredible. During my time so far, I’ve gone out to eat a decent amount. From my experiences, going out to eat in the city is one of the best ways to understand the culture and people of Australia.

First off, Australia is crazy diverse. It really is nothing like the culturally and more or less ethnically homogenous Pittsburgh. From what I’ve heard, statistically 1 in 6 people you meet on the streets will be an immigrant. Because of the diversity, there is a wide variety of food around the city. So far the Asian food has won my heart. I’ve had some crazy Thai, Malaysian and Chinese food that I dream of sometimes.

Other than the diverse dishes that you can get around the city, there are also some food that Australians love. Below are some of the food trends that I’ve noticed.

Banana Bread

Australians love banana bread. This is one of the most surprising trends but once I had it, I totally understand the obsession. There’s nothing better than banana bread and a hot latte. One thing that Australians do that hasn’t caught on in the US is toasting the bread with butter. Crazy good.

Banana bread and latte.jpeg

Avo smash

Like in America, Avocado toast is running wild in Australia. So random of a combination but also so good. In almost every café you can expect an avocado smash. If you don’t see it, leave immediately.

Avo Smash.jpeg

Fish and Chips

I really thought that fish and chips as a cultural institution was solely a British thing but once I think about it, Fish and Chips being big in Australia Makes sense. Sydney is one big harbor and the fish here is some of the freshest in the world. Almost every beach I’ve been to has a fish and chips spot and it’s always good.

Chicken Salt

Just imagine your favorite French fry but with a salty, sweet, chicken coating. Australians put it on anything they can. It’s absolutely amazing.
Meat Pie

Another British influence on the food culture of Australia. I had my first meat pie after a night out up in Manly Beach. Let me tell you, it was life changing. Change everything you thought you knew about pies. The pie crust is destined to be with savory slow cooked meats. Imagine your grandma’s legendary stew delicately baked in the best croissant you can imagine. Boom. Meat pie.

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