entry 3 – iceland

Hi all!

I went on my first weekend trip in Europe to Iceland this past weekend. The majority of students in my program went to Paris on a guided CAPA trip. I had just been in Paris in August so I decided to go to Iceland instead. Luckily, I met my parents and two brothers in Reykjavik!

I flew on budget airlines including EasyJet and Wow Airlines and they were perfectly fine. I packed a backpack and wore my snow boots and snow jacket to class then left from there straight to Gatwick International Airport. It took me around an hour to get from CAPA which is in South Kensington to Gatwick, but I made it in time!

From there I landed in Reykjavik and my family picked me up and we went straight to see if we could see the northern lights. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck and the next two days were cloudy and snowy so our chance had been lost.

From there we spent the next two days seeing waterfalls, cliffs, volcanoes, geysers, and would spent the nights around the city of Reykjavik or watching movies at the Airbnb. Iceland was incredibly expensive and I can show this by just stating that a bowl of soup was 15 USD! Food was insanely expensive along with anything tour related, such as a $500 northern lights tour (which doesn’t even guarantee you seeing the northern lights)

With that said, I loved seeing all the agriculture in Iceland and the people there were extremely nice. It was really nice seeing my family and I will be seeing them again in March.


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