Everyman Media Group

Along with taking classes abroad, I have opted to participate in an internship for 3 credits.  My internship is with a United Kingdom based movie theater company called Everyman Media Group.  Everyman tries to provide a unique experience for their customers by being passionate about the quality of their theaters and the experience their customers have while seeing a movie.  They emphasize quality, from their service of food and drink to seating and films, and they even make it a point for each of their cinemas to have a unique bar or foyer space.

Everyman’s theaters strive to fulfill Roman Polanski’s quote that “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre”.  Everyman tries to “create a truly memorable experience that exceeds expectations and reaches the highest standards possible in comfort and entertainment.”

At Everyman, I am an intern in their finance and accounts department.  As a finance intern, my main tasks are to organize and file petty cash, work with reconciliations, become familiar with matching and batching documenting, and gather back ups.

I live in Camden, and my internship is in Hampstead.  They are very close, so my commute is only a short tube ride away.  Hampstead is an extremely cute area of London, so I really enjoy walking down to the office in the morning and passing all of the cute bakeries and boutiques.  I could honestly wonder around for hours because every alley is filled with little shops and restaurants.

I work two and a half days a week, and take classes the other two days.  Working the hours of a real job can be kind of tiring, but I really do enjoy my internship and the people of Everyman as a whole.  They all have been so welcoming, and extremely helpful whenever I am not sure of what I am doing.  I am very glad I decided to intern while abroad.