Let’s Talk About Classes

Hi Everyone!

So, I have been in Sydney for a few weeks now and thought I’d talk about my classes. While studying abroad – especially when the beach is only 30 minutes away –  it can be a little bit more difficult to get your mind in the mood to study and work hard. The classes I am taking though make it exciting and really do tie in what I am seeing and experiencing around Sydney.

Overview:  Classes are located at TAFE, which is about a five minute walk from my apartment. The building our classes are in holds about three classrooms, which makes it easy to find. Most of my classes hold anywhere from ten to twenty-five students. The professors are locals of Australia and I have a couple professors from New Zealand! I am really enjoying my professors so far and many have even shared tips and suggestions for our time in Sydney.

Classes: This semester I am taking three classes and doing an internship at SBE Australia (more details to come in my next blog post). The classes are held once a week and my business classes run for three and a half hours – blehhhhhhhh.

International Marketing

This class is about the evolution of international and global marketing, along with its importance, looking at it through a political and legal lens, assessing market opportunities, etc. What I am most excited for is our major project, which involves students working in small teams to identify possible opportunities in foreign markets  for a specific good or service. The best part is that we will be working with other CAPA students in different programs. For example, my team is working with CAPA students in Florence, Italy!

Exploring and Analyzing the Global City: Sydney

This class is all about tracing Sydney’s development, the impact of globalization and looking more in-depth into the communities and life in a global city like Sydney. We have quite a few field classes coming up this semester that I am looking forward to. In fact, this past class we took a trip to the Museum of Sydney and the Customs House.

Advertising and Promotions

This course introduces the basic elements of marketing communications, including direct marketing communications, sales promotion, PR and publicity, etc. I am looking forward to this class, as it is something I am particular interested in.

International Internship Program

Lastly, I have my international internship program class that is tied to my internship while abroad. Honestly, before I arrived in Sydney I didn’t realize that we had to take a class for our internship. The class doesn’t seem too bad just lots of discussions and an end of the semester video presentation. The class meets kind of sporadically, which means we don’t have to meet every week.

This was kind of a longer post, but next time I am looking forward to sharing more about my internship!

Till Next Time!