Mind the Gap!

It’s week 3! And its flying by fast!

I feel like I’ve learned so much in these past three weeks about the culture of England and more specifically, London.

When I first came to London, I wasn’t expecting too much of a culture gap. I figured, we speak the same language so communication shouldn’t be too different… I was wrong. The UK is much more different with regards to communication than I had assumed. During my time in my internship I have learned so much about the culture of the UK, specifically London.

All of my supervisors and coworkers are from all over the world. I work with people with origins from Poland, Russia, Italy, South Africa and more. This is the most diverse workplace I have ever experienced. It is interesting to see how each employee incorporates a bit of their culture into their work but still maintains the culture of the UK. It is an exciting environment to work in.


Other than the aspect of culture, my job is quite interesting. I have the opportunity to shadow people in my department and work closely with people from other departments. At first, the work seemed like busy work but I realized that what I was doing was crucial to the role of Human Resources and it gave me a better understanding and respect for the department.

It’s still early on in the semester and I’m eager to learn more about my role and the roles of my coworkers. I am also interested in figuring out how my culture fits into the company as well.