Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park

On Saturday, 3 February, I went to the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park with with the rest of the CAPA program. The morning started pretty early, as we woke up around 6:45 to eat breakfast because the busses were leaving at 7:30. Our bus driver/ tour guide gave us facts about the Blue Mountains and all of Australia on the two hour drive. The weather was a little cloudy and rainy, but that made for really interesting pictures. We went on multiple hikes (which made me realize how out of shape I am), and saw many rock formations (including the Three Sisters), waterfalls, and valleys.

At around 12pm, we all went our separate ways to get a quick lunch in the town of Katoomba. Katoomba reminded me of a little town you would find somewhere in Europe. My friends and I stumbled upon a Vietnamese pho restaurant, went on our way to another walk, and eventually to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Here, we saw koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, birds, quokkas, and a crocodile.

Since the park is actually considered the animals’ land and we were just visiting, most of them were allowed to roam around the park as they pleased. After being there for an hour or so, we boarded the bus and slept the whole way home. Overall, I had a great day and will never forget the amazing views and memories!