Blue Mountains National Park

One of the best experiences that I have had so far here in Sydney was exploring the Blue Mountains National Park. I fell in love with this area! It is an hour and a half drive out of the city. After crossing the bridge over the Nepean River, you are transported out of the city and into the wild of the Blue Mountains. The weather was not the best when we started out at 9:30 in the morning. It was extremely foggy, wet, and cold. Throughout the day, the weather cleared up and the views were breathtaking.

The trees that cover the entirety of the national park are eucalyptus trees. When the sun shines on them, the oils inside the leaves turns them blue, hence the name Blue Mountains. The first hike we did was through Wentworth Falls where we climbed through waterfalls. We then went to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters, which is a very famous rock formation in Australia. After seeing it from afar, we actually hiked through Katoomba where the Three Sisters are actually located. While hiking, we had a tour guide who taught us all about the Aboriginal clans who are native to Australia and who also used to live within the caves along the hiking trails.

Hiking is one of my favorite activities to do when I was home, but the things that I have seen and experienced here are unmatched. I can’t wait to explore more of Australia has to offer!

The Three Sisters
Wentworth Falls