One Month Down

I am starting to feel very comfortable and at home here. We are all falling deeply into our classes now that we have covered a lot of the introductory materials. I’m going to include a brief summary of what each class is covering at the moment/ what we’re doing.

Detective Fiction: we have just finished discussing our third novel and actually had the author come in to class for us to ask questions. It was very cool meeting Sophie Hannah who has been given the right by the estate of Agatha Christie to continue writing her novels and using her characters. This class has been one of the most interesting considering I love reading and analyzing literature.

International Economics: we have moved on past political and economic systems, culture, wages and productivity onto the international trade theories. We also began working on our global networking projects and my group has Bangladesh which should be interesting. I absolutely love this class. I always feel like I’m learning something radically different than what I’ve been taught to think and it seems so credible.

International Finance: We have also begun our group projects on a bank within the UK and its strategies that have changed since the financial crisis of 2008. Our professor is still one of my favorites, because I feel like he has so much to offer as a person and I’m still confused as to why he is teaching us Americans other than the fact that he wants to enlighten us about the way things really work.

Exploring the Global City of London: In here we completed our first neighborhood analysis. My flat mate and I completed our analysis on Chinatown which was really interesting. We were able to go to the location and sample some of their cuisine and culture.

I am looking forward to the rest of the semester and spring break as my flat mates and I begin planning. We have a set idea on going to Rome, Prague, and Berlin.

I’m still in amazement that it has already been a month in London and I am not prepared for how fast time is moving. Hoping things slow down but I know that won’t happen.