My Classes and My Internship

Even though the past couple blogs have been all about travel and things that I’ve done in London, I figured I’d include an intro post about how I like my classes and my internship. Traveling the world has been a lot of fun, but I still have classes and my internship that both take up the majority of my time during the week. I’ll go into a bit of detail of the 3 classes that I’m taking, as well as what I have been doing for my internship.

I am currently taking four classes at CAPA: International Marketing, International Finance, Ethics and the Media, and a GBI Internship class. Each class is 3 and a half hours long, which I initially thought would be tedious, but it really hasn’t been too bad so far, although my internship class is only for an hour and a half every other week.

My International Marketing class will cover advertising and sales promotion concepts, and how to develop a global brand. We go through class by learning about case studies, and how different companies handled certain issues, and what they could’ve done differently. International Finance is more of a traditional learning method, where our professor teaches about how banks differ in England than in the United States. We also have already taken a field trip to the Bank of England, where we learned about how the currency has changed over time. In Ethics and the Media, we have learned about, more or less, the relationship between the media and what is and isn’t ethical. Finally, my internship class is every other week, and we usually just talk about problems that we each have had in our internships, as well as strategies to market our internship opportunity for future job offers.


I am also completing an internship while I am here at a company called Inspiratia. I am a financial research intern, helping complete research for some of their financial databases. Inspiratia is a company who completes financial research and has a newsfeed about infrastructure and renewable energy financing. My role is to take some of the deals recently completed, and add the respective events to our database, along with other select individual projects I have been assigned so far. My boss, Jonathan, has been quite helpful to me for the first month, constantly making sure I have everything I need and if there is anything he can do to help.


Not entirely sure what my next blog post will cover, but it might have something to do with the football (soccer) games that I’ve been to so far. Since soccer is by far my favorite sport, I’ve gone to 4 soccer games already, with all of them providing a different experience. Cheers for now!