Getting Around Sydney

Hi Everyone!

For this blog post I thought I would touch on how to navigate and successfully maneuver around Sydney.

Opal Card: Okay, so the Opal Card is provided by CAPA to us students as a means to get around. It is a card ticket with preloaded funds for use on trains, busses, ferries and light rail. The card is used to tap on and off of these transportation vehicles. With this card you can go beyond the city limits to the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra and Southern Highlands regions surrounding Sydney if you wish!

Sydney Trains: In my opinion, this is the quickest and easiest means to travel. The Central train station is about a 10-15 minute walk from Urbanest, which is very convenient. Because the train is so close by, this is my mode of transportation to my internship. The train stations are very easy to navigate with lots of signage. The main train stations in Central Sydney include Central (the stop to get off to come home to apt), Museum, St. James, Town Hall, Wynyard (my internship stop), Circular Quay (stop for the ferries), Martin Place and Kings Cross. The trains pretty much run on time and there is no traffic!

Sydney Busses: The Sydney Busses travel through the city and beyond almost 24 hours a day. I find the bus relatively easy to use in combination with Google Maps. The busses are not as fast as the trains because of the traffic, but can sometimes be a more direct route. The only aspect of the busses that I dislike is the fact that it doesn’t show/read the bus stops as you progress through your ride. It is almost imperative to keep Google Maps open to make sure you get off at the right stop.

Harbor City Ferries: Ferry services across Sydney’s world-renowned harbor leave from the terminal at Circular Quay and dtravel to an array of destinations like Taronga Zoo, Manly Beach, Kirribilli, etc. This is my favorite method of travel because the views are just so stunning.

Uber: If you are in need of a quick ride somewhere I suggest taking an Uber. As you probably know, Uber here works just the same as in the States and costs MUCH less than taking a Taxi.


  • Don’t forget to tap on AND off of the trains, busses, ferries and light rail to get the correct fare.
  • Google Maps here is VERY delayed when tracking your location.
  • If taking the ferry to Manly Beach I suggest taking the Fast Ferry. This takes only 15 minutes of travel compared to the regular ferry of about 30 minutes. It costs more, but again the Opal Card is prepaid so might as well use it!
  • Take an Uber from the airport to Urbanest when you first land in Sydney. My mistake was taking a Taxi and even though I shared with a friend it was pretty expensive.
  • Overall, transportation in Sydney is very easy and convenient to use. I highly suggest taking advantage of the Opal Card while you are here.