I have successfully completed three weeks of my internship. I am kind of an all-around intern at Australian Opal Cutters, a jewelry retailer, where I work on many different things in multiple fields. My overall objective is to increase traffic and sales on the company’s website.

We are currently researching and exploring the different ways we can achieve our goals. I work on a team of four people, but we each have our own set of tasks and only meet up to update progress and collaborate on ideas. The website does not see a ton of traffic and our sales are hard to come by. It is a challenge trying to sell high priced jewelry over the internet.

I have learned a lot about online marketing and the importance of inventory management. This week I will be completing cost analysis for a Facebook ad campaign to determine whether or not we should pursue more aggressive strategies.

I am learning about a lot of things I never would have guessed, which is exciting. I am also playing a major part in a massive project that could potentially help this business out in a big way. I hope to use everything I have learned and will learn to help me succeed in my future internships and jobs. You can never be too well-rounded. My experience has made the 30 minute early morning sweaty commute to work well worth it. I am also very thankful that my boss lets me wear polos and jeans to work every day.