Classes and Internship

I’ve been in Sydney for just about one month, so I thought it would be appropriate to finally write about my classes and internship!

I’m enrolled in International Marketing, Intercultural Communications, Sports in Australian Society, and an internship at the Healthy Kids Association.

Classes: Each class is once a week (which is nice), but range from 2.5 to 3.5 hours (which is not so nice). Because of this, professors let us have multiple breaks during the class to go get coffee or a snack. Fork & Grind is an amazing café located just across the street from CAPA where students and teachers love to go during the day. International Marketing is my first class of the week. So far in this class, we’ve talked about what makes a successful international marketer, and the factors that affect the way in which you market products differently in different parts of the world. This class is a GNL class, which means that we work with the International Marketing CAPA classes in London and Florence so that we can learn more about marketing in different places during our time abroad. In Sports in Australian Society, we delve deep into topics relating to how sports affect the Australian people and their identity. Our first field trip was to a women’s AFL game. Although it rained, we had a great time! Intercultural Communications is my third class of the week. We learn about how to appropriately communicate with people from different cultures, and the process that goes into communication. This week, we took a walking tour of Chinatown. I learned so much about the Chinese culture! My last class of the week is the class for the internship program. In this class, we talk about how to make the most out of our internships, and apply what we’ve learned to when we get home from Sydney.

Internship: I’m a Marketing Intern at the Healthy Kids Association (HKA). Healthy Kids Association is a non profit health promotion charity who’s mission is to promote healthy food choices for kids. I’m the only intern at HKA, so I work directly with the Marketing Manager. I got to tell her what I wanted to do and learn, and she was excited to see the set of skills that I have. She built a list of things for me to accomplish by the end of the internship. I feel like I will definitely learn a lot from my internship at HKA, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester brings!