Journey to Galway

Another weekend, another chance to explore more of Ireland!

This weekend we explored one of Ireland’s most famous cites, Galway! Galway was incredibly beautiful. Especially, the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs were a short drive, about an hour, from Galway. We had the opportunity to hike across the cliffs, past the touristy area and it was breath taking. The picture below is a panorama photo I took from one side of the cliffs. I was able to hike up to the fourth cliff from the left that you can see in the picture. It was simply amazing.


Standing on top of the cliffs was amazing, but incredibly scary as well. I get off the path to the side of the cliffs that don’t have a wall blocking you from the edge. This made for better pictures and a more real experience, but I was very nervous as well.

I just kept in mind that throughout this entire experience, I plan to do what scares me and what takes me out of my comfort zone. Of course I’ll make sure to put safety first, but the whole “going out of your comfort zone” is hard for me, but definitely worth it when I do. I get to experience more and I learn so much more!


I truly had an amazing time exploring the town of Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. This experience has been such a gift and I am grateful for my family for helping me get to this point.

I’ll make sure to check in soon!

xoxo Molly